Emerging out of the Midwest and finally ready to take the whole of the US by storm, Heartsick is a band of brothers, consisting of Alfonso Civile on vocals, Jerred Pruneau on guitar, Waylon Fox on bass and Talmadge Jake Bryan on drums. 

Heartsick embodies passion and hard work. Beginning in Lansing, Michigan, the 4-piece group has been building a fanbase throughout the midwest and across the US for nearly 20 years.

Combining an onslaught of hardcore and metalcore-tinged ferocity alongside moments of haunting melodies and stunning atmospherics, Heartsick elevated themselves to the next level with their stirring sophomore album, ‘Sleep Cycles.’

Heartsick operates under a simple philosophy: treat every show as the last, and every fan as the first.

Alfonso Civile

Lead Vocals

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami, FL. Alfonso is the creative force driving the band and a major contributor to the song writing and sound of the band. On stage, Alfonso is an unmatched powerhouse. His ability to engage with fans on and off the stage is inspiring. Outside of music, Alfonso is a dedicated and focused Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and instructor. “There is something so primal and satisfying about testing your limits and skills against another person on the mats. The mats don’t lie, they know exactly what your skills are.”

Richard Pruneau

Lead guitar

A main songwriter of the band, ‘Jerred,’ as the band members call him, is an integral part of the band’s core sound. His unique playing style coupled with his larger than life stage presence often leaves fans with their jaws dropped. “I have always loved bands with unorthodox sounds that somehow still work with the music they make. Guys like Tom Morello and Darren Malakien really inspired my playing and to think outside of the box when writing a song.”


Waylon Fox


Born in Canada and raised in the band’s hometown of Lansing, MI. Waylon grew up listening to the classics from Bob Seeger to Guns and Roses and eventually discovering bands like Poison the Well and Converg. His stage presence is undeniable, Waylon is the show. “I have always loved rhythm, being 100% Native American I am just naturally driven to those low sounds. The bands that inspired me always have these insane stage shows. You could see the fire and passion in the band’s stage show, I wanted to do exactly that.”

Talmadge Jake Bryan


Talmadge was born and raised in Lansing, MI. Having a father who was a musician, Talmadge was always surrounded by Latin sounds, specifically drums. After watching one of his father’s gigs, he was inspired by the drummer in his dad’s band. This sparked his passion for drums ever since. At the age of 12, he officially picked up the sticks and started his journey behind the kit. His musical influences began with Tejano grass roots music and slowly evolved into funk, eventually landing him into the heavy and complex sounds of extreme metal. Bands such as Opeth and Dimmu Borgir would eventually shape his drumming style. “The intensity of the drums drew me to metal and the technicalities and grooves drew me to those heavy metal sounds. Once I heard Opeth, I was hooked and that opened the door for me to more diversity in metal music.”